The journal organs are: the Scientific Council, guarantor of the scientific quality of the editorial project; the Directors Board, composed of the Chief Editor and the Co-Editors, responsible for the coordination of the journal activities, together with the Editorial Board, in charge of taking care of the relations with authors within the areas of interests of the journal, and the Editorial Team, in order ensure the regular publication of the journal issues. The technical service for publication is provided by Centro Altiero Spinelli (CeAS) association, the journal publisher.

In order to actively involve scholars and experts from various backgrounds, as well as academic structures (departments), public or private bodies, study and research centers, associations, for the purpose of sharing the editorial project, the journal will benefit from the support of Working Teams for the disciplinary areas, with the task of promoting independently and in collaboration with the journal bodies initiatives, such as  conferences, seminars, debates, lectures cycles, intended for the publication of the related acts in the journal or on its website as contributions in the nature of monographs, collective volumes, documentary collections  (open access).


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